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Paolo Guatelli has developed his own personal style, which is characterized by a heightened sensitivity to beauty, the development of new makeup techniques and attention to changes in consumer habits. It is a new interpretation of the concept of Beauty; one that is increasingly oriented towards listening to one’s inner self and focused on a philosophy of authenticity, respect and integrity of the individual.

Paolo Guatelli
Raised in a family attentive to the needs of people according to an anthroposophical viewpoint, he has always had a holistic approach towards his fellow man. In addition to his linguistic and architectural studies, he supplemented his training as a film, television, photography and theatre makeup artist with the study of transpersonal holistic morphopsychology to further his research into the correlation between the structure of the face and an individual’s personality.
New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Dubai, Sydney and New Delhi are just some of the numerous places throughout the world in which he has worked, demonstrating how his mission to help people to discover and enhance their unique qualities has no cultural limits or territorial boundaries.
For more than twenty years he has combined the activities of makeup artist with those of makeup designer, which has led him to conceive and develop, for several companies, makeup lines for daily use and collections for professional needs.
Media presence ranges from interviews and advice given in prestigious newspapers and magazines to appearances on well-known televisions networks. For three consecutive series, he has had an exclusive regular feature on makeup on the programme “Detto Fatto”, hosted by Caterina Balivo on the Italian Rai 2 television channel.
His style of communication and method of working help viewers learn simple techniques, which can be put into practice every day, to enhance their unique features and restore harmony to body and soul.  For each woman the time dedicated to makeup becomes an intimate experience, a moment of pampering for and with herself.
As a culmination of his human and professional experiences, he conceived “Makeup Therapy”: makeup used as a way to boost self-confidence. It is a route to awareness, free from any external conditioning, through which we can rediscover our outer and inners resources, find ourselves again and accept ourselves by enhancing our features, celebrating our personality and rediscovering, in just a few minutes, the pleasure of being ourselves.Paolo does not like to be considered just a makeup artist to the stars, but the makeup artist of ordinary people, or rather, extraordinary people, because “each person is unique and one-of-a-kind”.